Brünn I dot 1944 marked rifles

The rifles produced by "Waffenwerke Brünn I" were coded "dot" from 1943- 1945. While the following guns recievers are dated 1944, serious consideration must be made that the late 5 digit serial number guns were actually manufactured in 1945. This is done based on evidence- some late 5 digit guns produced bear many manufacturing shortcuts introduced by Mauser in 1945- one keyis the trigger guard with no locking screws- those produced by Mauser and marked byf show up on Mauser rifles produced in December of 1944 and later- they also start showing up on dot 1944 marked rifles around the introduction of the later 5 digit serial number. Also, phosphate finished parts show up on these rifles, finishes that were not approved for use on major components before November 1944. Based on serial studies, it has been forwarded that 1945 production started at or around serial 80-85000. Other 5 digit guns with "a" suffixes are all 1945 date production. 1944 production rolled over from 1943 production at suffix "w" without starting over at 1.

Items below are for dot 1944 marked rifles, and are based on study of matching original guns- some variations do exist from this guide however.

Examples of dot 1944 Rifles
dot44 semi Kriegs
dot44 semi Kreigs